This unique cookie has become a fan favorite and actually started as a mistake.  We use Coconut oil in our batter to add a light Coconut flavor to our cookie.  Sliced almonds are added to compliment the Coconut flavor and crushed banana for a bit of Island flare.  Each cookie is topped with Coconut shavings and drizzled with creamy milk-chocolate.  

MadFresh Box of Hawaiian Grindz

  • All MAD DOH products are made with fresh, high quality ingredients. Our kitchens never mass produce orders. This ensures that if your order does not contain a specific ingredient there is little to no risk of cross-contamination by another order being produced along side yours. While we do everything possible to ensure there is minimal risk of cross-contamination for the allergy purposes, it is still up to the buyer to determine if our product is right for you.