Whipping Up Perfect Pumpkin Cookies

Greetings Cookies Addict! The Pumpkin Folly cookies on our Holiday FLAVA-rite Menu have been a huge success. The Holiday Season hasn’t even finished and they have become one of our hottest selling cookies. Lots of you have asked us how to cook a pumpkin cookie that isn’t cake-like so, we decided to open up about how we do it in case you feel like a self-medication night by baking your own.

Anyone who has attempted to make pumpkin cookies knows that most of the time pumpkin cookies will turn out a little cake-like. A lot of people like their pumpkin cookies in this extra soft form, and in all honesty we don’t mind puffy, soft pumpkin cookies either. Our pumpkin cookies are a little different because not only do we bake our cookies to taste insanely amazing, but we bake them to last for as long as we possibly can. We go through quite a process to make sure our cookies are just that- cookies.

First, remember your basics of baking. Every ingredient inside your dough mixes and reacts with every other ingredient. Adding a different ingredient isn’t always as simple as it sounds because you have to consider it’s reaction to everything else going into your dough. Pumpkin poses a particular problem because it has lots of liquid stored inside. This added liquid in the pumpkin itself will affect your dough mixture considerably.

Another important thing to remember when using pumpkin is that you don’t want to use canned pumpkin specifically designed for pumpkin pie. This is because pumpkin pie filling contains extra ingredients already mixed in. If you’re not aware of what all is mixed in and how it will affect the overall mixture then it can make a dramatic difference to the end result. Our Pumpkin Folly cookies use pumpkin puree and not pumpkin pie filling.

After making sure you are using the right type of pumpkin the biggest hurdle is the additional moisture in the pumpkin itself. We take our pumpkin puree through a 48 hour process of eliminating as much moisture as possible. Understandably most of you will not want to follow our process and are probably reading this post to see what you can do NOW. No worries, there are a few quick tips for eliminating excess moisture that can just take about 30 minutes.

Paper towels, and coffee filters can be a great way to drain off the extra liquid. It’s also helpful, if you have the time, to let your pumpkin puree sit in the fridge in a covered dish for about 30 minutes or so. This will allow some of the moisture to collect in the bottom of the dish as it drains through the pumpkin. You can scoop out the pumpkin leaving some of the extra liquid in the dish (remember, excess moisture is the enemy in this case so the more you can get out the better).

You can place your pumpkin into two coffee filters with a dish underneath to collect the extra moisture or even scoop it onto three or four paper towels. The coffee filters will allow the moisture to drain out and the paper towels will simply soak it up. You may need to repeat the process a few times.

Before adding the pumpkin to your dough you want to make sure the pumpkin is somewhat flaky and breaks apart when you run a spoon over it as opposed to acting ‘soupy’. We recommend that you cream all your sugars, butters, and whatever you use for binding before adding the pumpkin.

The final advice is to not overdo it. In this case, less is more. Our Pumpkin Folly cookies only contain 1/3 cup of actual pumpkin per dozen. That’s it. We don’t over do it, and yet the pumpkin flavor bursts through. We also make other adjustments by removing a few more liquids normally added to make up for the pumpkin.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your pumpkin cookie adventures. If you can’t seem to get it right, you know where to find the shopping page ;). Always remember, Fridays are for Cookies!

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