Cookie Sheet Review

Cookie Sheets are essential for any self-made cookie addict. This past week I received two of my newest ones from Pampered Chef. I don’t purchase cookie sheets often because as any baker can attest, a well used sheet becomes a core ingredient in your cookies. Since my friend’s husband was hosting a virtual event I decided to make a purchase and give a review for all the Mad Doh family.

The items were on sale, which is always a plus, and came packaged with plenty of support to keep things from scratching or moving about too much in transit. Nothing is more frustrating then something that left the warehouse in excellent condition only to have a disagreement with the delivery service.

When purchasing a cookie sheet a few things are key. Always look for sheets that are made from heavy-gauge aluminized steel and are double-thick. The heavy-gauge aluminum pans will conduct heat quickly and uniformly. This will prevent cookies being under or over-cooked from those on different sides of the sheet.

Another important quality to look for is a cookie sheet that has at least one straight edge. This is one of the things that will define a cookie sheet as apposed to a baking pan. Cookie Sheets should leave you at least one side of the sheet to allow the cookie to slide off the sheet without disturbing their shape.

I also prefer to use something that is Nonstick and dishwasher safe. I try to wash my cookie sheets by hand as often as possible, but it is a nice to be able to use the dish washer in a crunch. An important thing to remember about Non-stick pans is that they usually bak cookies more quickly than standard aluminum pans do.

Thankfully, the cookie sheets I ordered had all of these essential things I was looking for; heavy-gauged aluminized steel, straight edges, dishwasher safe, and non-stick. The pans themselves came with a three-year guarantee which is nothing out of the ordinary.

As brand new, non-stick pans, I did have to adjust the time of my cookies slightly because they did cook them faster than my other cookie pans. The resulting cookie was still just as expected and slide right off of the sheet as promised.

Most quality cookie sheets are usually going to cost more than $25 each. Not only were these sheets good quality, and had the important details I wanted, but they are currently on sale. Without the sale, the cookie sheets would have been an excellent deal but they were even more so with it.

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