Do you sell mixed boxes of cookies?

Yes we do.  In order to ensure our cookies arrive to you as fresh as possible we make each order when it's ordered.  Our MadMix boxes are planned each week in advance with four 'featured cookies' that change weekly.  This gives you three cookies of four different flavors per box.  If you don't see the flavor you're looking for, have no fear, we rotate through the whole menu before repeating cookies.  

Did something change?  Are we now able to order any cookie on the menu?

How astute of you to notice!  Yes, something has changed.  Due to the growth of our business, we now can offer our entire Cookie Menu each Friday.  That being said, Holiday and Seasonal cookies are Holiday and Seasonal.  Don't expect Christmas Cookies in July! 

My order just came in.  What is the best way to enjoy my cookies?

Eat them.  They will also look good on display but we strongly recommend eating them at some point.  If you do wait to eat them then we recommend you put them in the fridge for safe keeping.  Our cookies will last for about a month in the fridge and about six months in the freezer.  If you do chill them, we recommend warming them before enjoying them.   

I have allergies to some of the products you use in other cookies you make.  Do I need to mention those for my order to be safe?

All of our cookies are made fresh when ordered.  If you have an almond allergy and didn't order a cookie with almonds then we didn't make any cookies with almonds with your order.  Due to the way our kitchen works, it is highly unlikely that you will have any allergic reaction to a product you did not order.  That being said, it is highly unlikely an asteroid falls from the sky and ends civilization tomorrow but just try and find a T-rex.  Unless you're a T-rex you should be fine.

When are you actually open for more orders?

We only take orders on Friday.  Orders begin processing on the following Monday and ship out as soon as possible.  Feel free to reach out to us at any time.  


I never get any emails from your company- not even to confirm orders.  What gives?

Check your trash.  The vast majority of our emails are electronically generated so we can spend our time making insanely good cookies.  Due to this fact occasionally some of our emails go directly to your trash bin.  Check your settings and make sure you have Mad Doh Cookies as a legit sender.


I have subscribed to your site but am not earning Cookie Crumbs.  What gives?

We are beyond stoked that you have decided to subscribe to our site and get all sorts of information about upcoming cookies and such; however, Cookie Crumbs are reserved for those who have created password protected accounts through our wix service.  Imagine if all you had to do to open a savings account was walk into a bank and give them your name?  Anyone could access your money.  It's the same idea with your points.  Giving us your email address and asking for updates is not the same thing as creating an account.  

How do I purchase merch?

We do have some really cool merch and have even partnered up with some local artists for future products.  Look for products in our Little Shop of Swag.  We also are now featuring our own brand, Asylum by Maddoh. 


Do you cater?

While we do not offer catering, we do welcome orders as large as you can pay for.  If you intend to place a large order for a specific date, please reach out to us via email or on Social Media.  We will make sure to plan for your order.  Our ordering service will prevent you from placing an order beyond our inventory of available supplies so if you wait till the last minute to place the order without reaching out to us we may not be able to fulfill your request.