Are you Insanely Mad about Mad Doh Cookies?  Become a Certified Cookie Addict.  Certified Cookie Addicts are members of our site who earn Cookie Crumbs with each order of Mad Doh Cookies.  Why start earning Cookie Crumbs?  Cookie Crumbs equal dollars.  For every dollar you spend on Mad Doh Cookie orders you earn a 'Cookie Crumb'.  You can choose to apply Cookie Crumbs to your order for discounts and even free cookies!

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How do Cookie Crumbs work?


Join & Create a Mad Doh Cookie account for your online orders.  You will have the opportunity to create a unique login & password to manage your Cookie Crumb points.


Earn one Cookie Crumb for every dollar you spend on Cookie orders at Mad Doh Cookies.  Crumbs are also retroactive.  Once you join you can earn Crumbs from past Cookie orders up to 30 days prior.

Earn Cookie Crumbs for helping spread the Mad Doh Cookie love to all areas of Social Media. 

- Like & Follow our Facebook page.    

- Give us a 5 star rating on Facebook.

- Follow our Instagram account.

- Follow us on Twitter.

Redeem your points for unique coupon codes once you've accumulated over 200 Crumbs (points).  Enter your code at Checkout to take advantage of your discounts.

Our Cookie Crumb program is brand new and will be changing often with new and exciting ways to earn Crumbs.  Check back often to find out what's changed.


The LAST Cookie You'll ever CRAVE!

Terms of Use:

Cookie Crumbs is a reward program for members of Mad Doh Cookies.  All Rewards Program benefits, offers, awards, and services are subject to availability and may be changed by Mad Doh Cookies at any time without notice.  Mad Doh Cookies may terminate the rewards program, in whole or in part, with three months notice to all active members.  If the program is terminated all unredeemed points will be forfeited without any obligation or liability and no award claims or promotions will be honored after the conclusion of the program. 

Who is Eligible:

Eligibility to the program will be limited to those who are subscribed members of Mad Doh Cookies and consent to email notifications of offers, discounts, and promotions by Mad Doh Cookies.  Guests and Members of Mad Doh Cookies who do not wish to be contacted with promotional emails or advertisements will not qualify for reward points.

How Will Crumbs be Rewarded:

Cookie Crumb rewards points will only be rewarded with the purchase of cookies and can only be redeemed for such.  Points must be used four months after being awarded or they expire.  Expired points will not be honored.  Services and Products offered through Mad Doh that are not Cookie Products are not a part of the rewards program. 

Retroactive Points:

Rewards points will be retroactively assigned to members who sign up for membership up to 30 days following an previous cookie order.  Following that time any new member who signs up will not be eligible for retroactive Cookie Crumbs. 

Reward Points Value:

Cookie Crumbs retain no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for such.  Cookie Crumbs will not be returned once used toward an order.  Cookie Crumbs will be applied in values of 200 points equal to 5 dollars. 

Rules of Use:

Members must have a minimum of 200 points to apply any given amount to a specific order.  There is no limit to the number of points that can be redeemed at checkout. Reward points cannot be shared or transferred from one account to another.  Members violating any terms of use will loose all reward points without the opportunity to earn more.  

By accepting and using Cookie Crumbs reward points members are acknowledging review and acceptance of the Terms of Use found on this page.